FPG Officers

Ilene Zackowitz, Ph.D., CPE – Chair

Dr. Ilene Zackowitz (Ph.D. Industrial-Organizational Psychology) performs both litigation and industrial-organizational consulting. She has conducted and published original research in the areas of human factors and safety. She has assisted numerous organizations in developing and implementing proactive ergonomics and safety programs. Dr. Zackowitz holds a professional certification as an ergonomist (CPE). She has served as an expert witness for personal injury and product liability cases and has testified in Superior Court. Her forensic practice areas include product liability, personal injury, and employment cases in the areas of human factors, safety, and industrial-organizational psychology, hazard management, communication, and warning effectiveness; accessibility of housing and public areas; product/equipment design; reasonableness of conduct; human error; adequacy of supervision and training; behavioral expectations; employee discrimination and harassment; wrongful termination, discrimination, visibility, conspicuity, and lighting; perception/reaction times; and slips and falls. Her organizational practice areas include organizational development and assessment, wrongful termination and retention, harassment and discrimination, OSHA compliance (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), ADA compliance (Americans with Disabilities Act), ergonomics, job design, job and task analysis, hazard analysis, injury reduction, risk management, and organizational development.

Joseph Cohen, Ph.D., CPE – Secretary/Treasurer

As a scientist practitioner, Joseph (Joe) Cohen provides consulting services regarding human performance and safety in legal matters and regulatory affairs. Joe has managed special projects across a variety of industries and settings including construction, energy generation, food service, consumer products, industrial products, warehousing, hospitality, and retail sales.  Joe’s area of focus is ergonomics in accident causation and liability, including but not limited to perceptual and motor skills, attention, memory, impairments, gait mechanics, fall dynamics, and warnings.  Joe’s cases typically involve slips, trips, missteps and falls, motor vehicle and pedestrian collisions, design defects, failures to warn, and workers’ compensation.  Joe has qualified as an expert in Superior and District Courts in the U.S.  He has consulted to entities in litigation in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Republic of Singapore.

Timothy P. Rhoades, Ph.D., P.E., CPE – Co-Program Chair

Dr. Rhoades is a Senior Consultant and co-founder of Applied Safety and Ergonomics, Inc, also serving as adjunct professor at the University of Michigan teaching product and occupational safety management. His research, design, and consulting interests include occupational and consumer safety, product use behaviors, warnings, vehicle visibility, and human movement. Dr. Rhoades has served as a member of several consensus standards committees involved with vehicle visibility, biomechanics, and other issues, and he served in a standards management role as a member of Standards Development Committee of the American Society of Safety Engineers. He currently serves as the ASSE’s alternate on the ANSI Z535 Committee on Safety Signs and Labels.

Jason Young, B.E.Sc., M.A.Sc., P.Eng. – Co-Program Chair

Jason Young is the President and founding partner of Advantage Forensics Inc., a forensic engineering firm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Jason is one of the leading experts in Canada on nighttime pedestrian collisions and nighttime collision re-enactments. Jason hold a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer with over 1800 accident investigations over the past 15 years, most involving Human Factors expertise. Jason has been qualified as an expert in Collision Reconstruction and Human Factors on over 20 occasions in the Superior Court of Ontario, Quebec, and California. Jason lectures regularly on collision reconstruction and human factors in the University of Toronto’s Department of Engineering and has been a featured expert on nighttime pedestrian collisions in Canadian media and radio. Jason has published a number of scientific research papers on forensics and nighttime visibility over the past decade.